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There are two ways to use NT Greek.net


Un-Registered users are welcome. Anyone is free to browse the site, use the Clik-Thru Tutor, do the exercises, etc. If you find the site helpful, please tell others about it. 


Registered students will have access to a pre-recorded instructional video presentation and a live video conference for each lesson.

The first session for each lesson will be a pre-recorded lecture and Powerpoint presentation corresponding to the material that is online at the website.

Each week, the student will complete the homework assignment and submit it. Then the completed homework assignment will be reviewed in a live video conference scheduled at a time mutually acceptable to the student and the instructor.

For each lesson a quiz will be due at the end of the week prior to the video conference.

A final exam will be given at the end of each course.  

For a detailed description of what is covered in each course, see Course Descriptions.

Meet the instructor, Jeff Smelser.